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Membership of the Greens is a way to take a stand and be part of the change. By paying the membership fee, you support our work for a better, greener world. As a party member, you can also become an active participant in green activities and green politics.

The Greens' membership fee for the year 2018 is 30 euros. For members with little or no income (e.g. students, unemployed) there is a reduced membership fee of 12 euros. As a member you are entitled to get the monthly green newspaper, Vihreä Lanka, delivered to you via mail (only to street addresses within Finland).

Membership fee for 2018: 30 €
Reduced fee (for students, unemployed, etc.): 12,50 €
Fee is valid for the current calendar year. Thus you'll receive the Vihreä Lanka magazine up to the end of December.

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