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2017 municipality elections

The municipality elections are held on the 9th of April, 2017.

The Greens in Finland

Fairness, choice, climate responsibility

The Greens work for a fair change, and today the worldwide green movement is needed more than ever. Climate change is threatening the future of our environment and of our way of life. People's well-being is threatened by changes in working life caused by the global economy.

The green movement is offering a fair and safe solution. We want to leave the future generations a world in a better condition than it is today. You can read more about our values and principles from the Greens' Statement of principles.

Green party chair Ville Niinistö


The party was formed on February 28th in 1987 and registered as a political party the year after. Nevertheless, the political movement had begun already in the early 1980s when environmental activists, feminists and other active groups started campaigning on Green issues in Finland. In 1995, th Greens in Finland was the first European Green party to be part of a state-level Cabinet.

The party was founded on a citizen movement. Still today, the party stresses openness and democratic decision-making.

The first two parliamentary representatives were elected even before the party was registered, in the elections of 1983. These were the first independent representatives at the Parliament of Finland. In 1987 the number of seats rose to four, and in 1991 to ten.

At the local level, Greens have an important position especially in the largest cities of Finland. In the local election of 2012, the Greens had 8.5% of the vote. In the capital Helsinki, the Greens became the 2nd largest party with 23.5% of the vote. In several other cities, the Greens achieved the position of the 3rd largest party.

The parlamentary elections in Finland 2015

The parliamentary elections were held on 19 April 2015.

Comparing to the elections in 2011, the Greens managed to win five additional seats in the Parliament, reaching 15 MPs. Never in the history has so many Finnish people voted for the Greens.

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Chairperson of the Party: Ville Niinistö
Party Secretary: Lasse Miettinen

Party headquarters:

Vihreä liitto rp
Fredrikinkatu 33 A, 2 krs.
00120 Helsinki
Tel. 09 5860 4160
Officer of International Affairs: Pauliina Saares


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