— Marja Honkonen

What kind of a place is a green municipality?

The world takes shape in municipalities, and power in these belongs to us all. In local councils, governing bodies and boards important decisions are made that affect people’s everyday lives. Because of this, local elections are important.

Municipal elections are held to elect the councillors of municipalities. At the beginning of 2012 there were altogether 320 municipalities in mainland Finland and 16 in the Province of Åland. 

In local elections what is at stake are, among other things, nurseries, schools, rental accommodation, workplaces, health centres, housing for the elderly, libraries, theatres, places of recreation, buses, cycle paths, parks, market squares and plots of land – in other words services and how they are provided as well as what kind of living environment we want to inhabit. A green municipality is built according to the needs of people and our environment. A green municipality promotes an active lifestyle, alleviates inequality and is a pleasant place to live.

These are the central goals of Greens of Finland in the upcoming municipal elections in fall 2012. You can read our election manifesto here.

You can find more information about local elections in Finland here.

Who's entitled to vote?

Instructions on how to vote

An environmentally responsible municipality that keeps the future in mind

  • In a green municipality the future is always taken into account. Nature and climate must be considered and protected at other times than just before elections.
  • We will build balanced, ecological and easily accessible buildings and residential areas where services are near at hand, travelling by public transport is hassle-free and there are enough paths for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • We want to make driving less of a necessity and to cut the emissions it generates, while the Greens would stagger car taxation in a fairer way than is currently the case.
  • In a green municipality, procurement is carried out sustainably and transparently. The share of organic, local and vegetarian food as well as fair trade products will be increased.


A fair municipality with reliable services

  • A green municipality’s own production of services is safeguarded, with the private and third sector used to supplement and diversify it when required.
  • We will not allow differences in the quality of education to develop between schools. We will prevent the social exclusion of children and young people by supporting families with the help of different professionals and will also facilitate closer cooperation between primary schools’ social and health care services and special education, child welfare services, specialised youth workers and third-sector actors.
  • We want basic health care in which people can trust; health care that prevents health problems accumulating and worsening while reducing differences in health.
  • We want to see a sufficient amount of cheap rental accommodation being offered and different types of housing located next to each other. We are supporters of community housing.
  • A green municipality provides open meeting places free of charge for people of all ages and makes municipality-owned facilities, such as schools, available for everyone to use.


An open and happy municipality shared by all

  • A green municipality is an open municipality in which different types of people are welcomed. We will make use of the opportunities multiculturalism provides us with, support the integration of immigrants and find inspiration in subcultures. We will be on the side of minorities and will strive to ensure equality for all.
  • In a green municipality, decision-making does not become inaccessible to ordinary people and good ideas don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy. Decision-making is undertaken both openly and independently and stands up to scrutiny.
  • To safeguard services we need a nationwide reform of the municipal structure. Well-considered municipal mergers are needed, but these should only be undertaken with due respect for small municipalities’ local services.


A municipality is the home we share – what kind of municipality would you like to live in?

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