Parlamentary elections in Finland 2015

The next parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, 19 April 2015. The Green party in Finland got 8,5 % of the vote, and therefore 15 seats. The result is the best ever in national elections.

Finnish Parlamentary elections 2015

Finland can be made a better country. Now we need to work persistently for our common future. Some say, that we are facing only worse. We do not belong to those.

We want to create work, save the environment, tackle poverty and make our schools the best in the world. Now if ever.

10 Green reforms to Finland

Create new employment and security in the turning point of working life

1. Ease access to employment with our Green Employment package
2. Carry out a revolution for domestic renewable energy
3. Form a Green Manufacturing strategy and bring Finland to a modern green economy

Protect our common environment

4. Return the environment back to the high political agenda with ambitious nature protection and environmental politics
5. Bring Finland to the forefront of preventing climate change

Tackle poverty and look after everyone

6. Carry out a social security reform with basic income
7. Make poverty history and turn the direction of current inequality development
8. Bring equal health care to everyone: carry out a social and health care reform

Make our schools the best in the world

9. Make the Finnish education system the best in the world
10. Ensure a free and equal education for everyone


Let’s create new employment, make access to employment easier and increase security with

  • Green employment package

  • Renewable energy revolution

  • Renaissance of manufacturing and services

One of the biggest questions of our time is how we can create new employment in Finland, while the economy and working life are in a turning point. Access to employment must be eased and job security increased to ensure a rise in employment and make working worthwhile. At the same time, new jobs must be created.

During hard times the government must invest in the future by carrying out substantial public investments and pioneering reforms. Our goal is to create at least 200 000 new jobs in Finland by the year 2020. It is time for green work, economy and renewable energy.

Green employment package

Work is changing. Uncertainty has crept to Finland as traditional professions are dying down and people are increasingly concerned about the futures of their jobs.

This is why we are proposing a green employment package to ensure a better working life. Our goal is to ease employment and increase work life flexibility to better fit people’s life situations.

Renewable energy revolution

We propose an energy transformation: an ambitious program, that allows us to bring Finland to a new era of clean, domestic, renewable energy. Bioenergy, the wind, sun, energy efficiency and smart grids can take care of all of Finland's energy needs. Renewable energy creates new jobs all over Finland. It’s sources are in our forests, and everywhere where the wind blows and the sun shines. For the same reason it is a good security policy as it increases the security of supply and energy self-sufficiency.

Renaissance of manufacturing and services

The future of manufacturing is green; we are facing a new industrial revolution. In order to stop climate change, we must cut the majority of global emissions by 2050. Also, the problems that follow increasing human consumption are substantial and they need to be solved everywhere; waste needs to be reused and its formation must be prevented, and the waters and the air must be cleaned.

Building an emission-free society requires and enormous amount of new industrial production, jobs and export possibilities. The creative economy and ecological innovations will bring new economic growth to our country. Environmental technology and digitalization are tools we can use to take care of our environment and improve people’s everyday lives. In the economic cycle, products and their raw materials cycle in way that preserves materials, doesn’t produce waste and allows us to create additional value to products through digitalization and services. At the same time, by easing digitalization and the sharing economy we are creating new jobs at the service sector.


Our environment needs defenders today:

  • Environment to number one priority

  • To the forefront of climate change

Our society’s activities must not exceed the environment’s limits. We are consistently asking our only planet to take on more than it can handle. There is still a chance to choose a sustainable future for our children.

We have to change the course: reform our economy to green, save our waterways, forests and swamps, get pollution under control and do everything necessary to stop climate change. Now if ever.

Environment to number one priority

The environment must be taken into consideration in every political decision. We must firmly say: Finland won’t thrive by polluting and neglecting natural values. The wellbeing of people and the environment go hand in hand. This is why we propose an ambitious procedure package, that will bring environmental issues back to the most important topics in politics, get emissions under control and secure our country’s natural values.

To the forefront of climate change

We suggest that Finland will step up to the front line of preventing climate change. Climate change is a threat to all of humanity and letting it get out of hand would mean the collapse of our living conditions, economy and biodiversity. Our responsibility to our children is to prevent this from happening. We must cut emissions in half by 2030, make Finland carbon neutral by 2050 and adopt a trendsetting role within the EU as well as in international climate negotiations. 

Tackling poverty

Lets fight poverty and take care of everyone:

  • Social security reform to basic income

  • Inequality to be a thing of the past

  • Equal and functioning health care to all

Poverty and inequality affect all of us negatively both in Finland and abroad. The Finland of soup kitchens and the Finland of highflyers are two very different places. This development must be stopped.

We want to take care of everyone. This is why few need fair reforms that guarantee good jobs, carrying security and a decent life for all. We need a Finland, that decisively takes care of those, who aren’t able to do so themselves. Now if ever.

Social security reform to basic income

With a basic income we can reduce poverty, exclusion and inequality. It guarantees that work in all situations is worthwhile and no one would miss out. The Greens propose a basic income the size of the current basic security that would be payed to all adults. It replaces all minimum benefits such as the basic unemployment benefits and the minimum parental allowance. On top of that still to be paid cause-related aid, such as earnings-related unemployment benefits. Taxation would gradually collect the basic income away from those who do not need it.

Basic income allows flexible movement between paid work, entrepreneurship, scholarship, study and family life. The Green basic income doesn’t cost more than the current system. It will reduce poverty and raises the dignity of every Finn.

Inequality to be a thing of the past

The most equal societies are also the happiest and most successful ones. We want a Finland that stands up for the weak. We must fight against loneliness, exclusion and distress. We need equality to all sexes. Immigrants must be treated as equal and welcomed individuals, so that they can do their part in building our society. Disabled people’s rights to an independent life and equal citizenship must be strengthened.

Equal and functioning health care to all

Finnish inequalities in health are growing increasingly. This development must be stopped. This will happen first and foremost by strengthening public health care. As long as basic health care and specialized care are responsibilities of different parties and expenses are paid from various different sources, no one will look at the patient as a whole.


Education should be a pioneer, show the way and live with the changes of the work around it.

Education doesn’t only provide degrees to fulfill the needs of industry and commerce; it also builds civilization and strengthens wellbeing.

Our goal is to make our primary schools, secondary schools and universities the best in the world- without forgetting the wellbeing of the teachers.

We are not renewing the schools we went to ourselves, instead we are building schools of the future by further developing current ones.

  • World’s best school

  • Free and equal education

School is a building with four walls, inside which lies our tomorrow. Finland has made too many cuts from that tomorrow. We should focus our attention on quality, inclusiveness and a guaranteed free, equal education for all. Education must be protected from cuts and tuition fees, inequality and exhaustion. We want our schools to be the best in the world. Now if ever.

World’s best school

Our goal is for Finland to have the world’s most equal schools and most competent people. This is why we want Finnish education to be the best in the world at all levels. Training and education are the strengths of Finland’s small population. We want our schools to be modern, equal and fun. The kind where every child finds their own passion for learning, feels good and gets the support they need for their own educational journey.

The world’s best school won’t be achieved by cutting costs. Cutting from education has come to the end of its road. Only with sufficient resources we can make education the guarantee for our success and the best possible environment for school children and researchers as well as students and teachers. The savings from developing new educational structures should be used to improve the quality of education. Universities’ own opportunities to develop their strengths must be secured and education and basic research must be lifted to the top of the world. Through these factors, applied research and innovations are created.

Free and equal education

An equal, free and accessible higher education has been the success story of the Finnish society. We will hold on to it. The differences between schools, areas and groups of people are growing. The heritability of education has started to rise: the children of highly educated will be highly educated themselves. This is why we must raise the schools that most need support.

We must keep our civilized society’s promise of allowing every young person an equal opportunity to be educated based on their own interest and skills. A wide-ranging education involves government offered library- and cultural services, that will help strengthen the accessibility of culture and diversity of the educational and cultural field.

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