MP Oras Tynkkynen – speech in the parliamentary session 21.2.2024


Honorable Speaker!

In this chamber, we stand united in support of Ukraine. From left to right. From government to
opposition. From one election period to the next.

Our unity sends a message to the world. We will not accept violations of international law.
Our unity also sends a message to Russia. War crimes, terrorism and genocide cannot win in the
long run.

But above all, our unity sends a message to Ukraine. We will stand by you for as long as it takes.
I want to thank all parties for their support for Ukraine. Thank you also to President Niinistö,

Speaker Halla-aho, Prime Minister Orpo and the entire government. The work you have done has
not gone unnoticed.

One of the losers in war is always the environment. Russia must be held accountable for the
environmental damage it has caused. Ecocide must also be specifically prohibited by an
international agreement.

The Finns Heidi Hautala and Simon Holmström were part of President Zelensky's team of
environmental experts, which has just submitted its report. Its recommendations must now be

One day this cruel war will end. When it does, Ukraine will need all the support it can get for
reconstruction. Finland has a lot to contribute to ensuring that a new, sustainable Ukraine rises from
the ruins of war.

Russia is financing its brutal war of aggression with energy exports. Sanctions have cut revenues,
but not nearly enough.

Now we must finally ban all energy imports and all energy projects from Russia – and ensure that
sanctions are not circumvented. If the EU does not move forward, we must act nationally.

Recently, the debate on Ukraine has taken a dark turn. But the real question is not whether Ukraine
can lose.

The real question is what we need to do to make Ukraine win.
The short answer: we need to do more. We need to do more to provide support to Ukraine – military
and humanitarian, economic and political.

President Zelensky´s ten-point peace plan deserves our full support. Likewise, we must support
Ukraine´s path towards EU membership.

We in the West have no right to be tired when Ukrainians are fighting tirelessly for freedom.

As Eino Leino wrote in his poem Terve Ukraina (Greetings Ukraine):

Valiant Ukraine! Now do not falter!
Once it comes, the dawn of nations.
Calm and steadfast, ward off your danger,
Or, if you must, with lightning!

Слава Україні! (Glory to Ukraine!)